It's the best of rivers, it's the worst of rivers - the great brown Tugela in central Zululand, South Africa, can be a beast if there is no rain to fill it up, but it's wild fun when the rains come (between October and March) and the rocks disappear. This video was shot on a Youth River Proficiency course held over four days during February and March 2009. The river played ball: stonking full, it provided great entertainment, without much danger, challenging the courage and skills of the young people from Treverton (an outdoor adventure school). The video shows only the 1-day trip that ended the course. This trip takes us from the Zingela River Safaris camp to Causeway, near the town of Weenen. Zingela itself is quite a place. Reached only by 4x4 across 35km of rugged mountainous bushland, it is a little paradise at the water's edge. An African python lives in the kitchen ("Monty Python") and two naughty meerkats, supposedly tame pets, bite your ankles around the fireplace. Well, if you want to enjoy this African river experience it'sx no good reading about it. Watch the video and come to experience it all for yourself. - Graeme +27 (84) 245 2490. yeeha@riverman.co.za