Uganda To South Africa, Carpenter’s World Travels (Africa) Uganda To South Africa, Carpenter's World Travels Contents Where We Are Going On Lake Victoria In Uganda A Talk With A King Bark Cloth And Americana King Mutesa's Tomb And His Bald-Headed Widows The Namirembe Cathedral Three-Dollar Wives A New Cotton Belt Where The Nile Begins In Tanganyika Territory An Outpost Of World Trade Witch Doctors And Demons Dar-Es-Salaam And The Swahili Zanzibar, Island Of Spices Elephants And Ivory Hunters Mozambique The Land Of Cecil Rhodes Bulawayo, Chief City Of Rhodesia At The Tomb Of The Empire Builder King Solomon's Mines Africa's Niagara On The Cape-To-Cairo Route The Copper Hills Of Central Africa Acres Of Diamonds At Kimberley A Day In The Diamond Mines Johannesburg, Gold City Of The World On The Rand A British Capital In The Land Of The Boers The Great Cullinan Diamond Among The Kaffirs Feather Farms Of South Africa At The Continent's End Index Illustrations A doorway in Zanzibar How babies are carried in Africa Zebras seen from the train Modesty — A local issue The reeds of Lake Victoria A giant ant hill A white man's home In Entebbe An interurban motor-bus Where man-power is cheap The Hindu in Africa Mr. Carpenter and native prince Across country by jinrikisha A motor camp in Africa The royal drummer The king's jail Stripping the bark-cloth tree Making bark cloth The king's widows A hut in Uganda The herb doctor The spear dancers A young warrior Styles among the tribe women The burden bearer A Baganda farm worker A native town on the Lake A train of porters Cotton crop Making bricks Growing hemp Where the Nile begins Native sawmill Scarred wives A home in Tanganyika A farm of the Masai The native cattle The girl who sold her wardrobe Hides for our shoe factories The memorial to Bismarck Filed teeth The witch doctor Going to be married When the witch doctor gets sick Where the British officials live The hospital at Dar-es-Salaam A road-side market Introducing the white man's clothing A Swahili toilet German calicoes A street in Zanzibar The clove tree In the ivory market Arab merchants The landing basket At Laurenco Marques A Portuguese patrol boat The hippopotamus Orchards of Rhodesia The farm tractor Growing tobacco The broad streets of Bulawayo Matabele belles Pounding grain Mr. Carpenter and natives A black boy nurse A Rhodesia farm home The tomb of Rhodes The Rhodes Memorial Groote Schuur Rhodes's favourite view Victoria Falls Railroad bridge over the Zambesi A mine in Rhodesia Prospecting by motor On the Cape-to-Cairo route Steel railroad tie Railroad building in Africa An ore car Building a mud house A memorial of the siege of Kimberley A settler's home An explorer's camp A diamond pipe An endless train of cars Bringing out the diamond clay Drying the diamondiferous earth The barbed-wire entanglements Waterfall in Natal In Johannesburg The Zulu with painted legs Native orchestra and dance A mountain of tailings Going down into the mine Negro gold miners A Zulu chief In Pretoria The yacht basin at Durban The Parliament House at Cape Town The locust swarms Fruits for London Native farmer A woman worker On an ostrich farm Baby ostriches The feather display Montagu Pass Street in Capetown Table Mountain The Lion's Head In the suburbs