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Today I met somebody who is going to stay on my mind for a long time to come, and I have no doubt that I am not the first person to have written that about him. The man under address is Adam Levy, the developer behind 70 Juta in Braamfontein. The following video is but a snippet of our conversation, which extended far beyond the boundaries of a short blog entry - but then this man struck me as someone who relishes in going past the accepted boundaries. He's single handedly transforming the area of Braamfontein, with help only from his charming colleagues and people he charms along the way. This mission started with the 70 Juta development (where I had my first Flat White in South Africa) and includes the venue space of the Alexander Theatre, once an incredible art deco theatre and now used for gigs, parties, and events - all enjoyed, I'm sure with an element of 1950's glamour. He now has at least two more properties on the way, and I'll wager that a lot of Johannesburg's residents are holding their breath to see what they will become.