V Blog Gauteng – Angel Headed Hipsters

What. A. Day. I find it difficult to imagine how Johannesburg can get more hipster. This morning I met Hayleigh, who organises events at the Maboneng Precinct outside of Chalkboard, a cafe where all the tables are chalkboards ("its great for meetings" she assures me, "you never forget anything") and the different teas explained in such detail its as if the owner has a degree in hot beverages. (This detail, it must be admitted, does not extend to the food, where the only options are bagels, and most have cream cheese involved in someway. It is not a place for the lactophobic gluten intolerant.) She took me on a tour of the precinct, and the rapidly expanding empire that Jonathan, the developer, is curating. And I say curating, because this is an aesthetically designed machine operating on Main Street, Johannesburg. I hope the video even gives half a hint of how damned cool this place is.