V Blog Gauteng – Experiencing Freedom (Park)

Today was my first proper excursion within Gauteng, South Africa. I was taken by Jeffrey, a young Johanesburg photographer and designer, with Prins, a war veteran and now educator, to The Nelson Mandela Freedom Park. Its about an hour drive out of the city, and it takes about the same to wander through it. The decision to construct The Freedom Park is a huge moment in South Africa's history, because it marks the period after the Truth and Reconciliation Commission had closed and the country made active decisions on how best to proceed post the TRC. It was a humbling experience, and made more so by Prins, who is part of the team who are conducting research for the Wall of Names, one of the most ambitious projects inside the park. Interestingly, Jeffrey had been there once before but not to visit it as a memorial site, but because the conference centre is rented out and was used when Miss World was hosted by Gauteng, South Africa. It is a multifaceted space!