V Blog Gauteng – Make mine an Old Fashioned

Only five minutes in Johannesburg and we were whisked off to the Saturday night Gala of South African Fashion Week. I was, I must admit, somewhat begrudging about this because I was feeling distinctly unfashionable with my post flight demeanour. How glad I am that I overrode my fatigue and grabbed Aoife along for the ride. We got to witness the hottest of South African fashion in a pretty hot venue, which we got taken on an illicit tour of because even though Aoife wasn't working tonight she just can't hold herself back! The owner when he heard what we were in the city to do showed us a number of the huge rooms in this old factory that he has reconstructed and are now used for events and parties. The venue felt like somewhere between Shoreditch and The Meat Packing District, but the fashion felt like a girl from the Hamptons who was allowed to go out and stretch her legs in the tropics, all boat shoes and backless dresses. The whole night felt damn cool.