Volunteer in South Africa with Cultural Embrace’s H.U.G. Program

Join Cultural Embrace and our local partners in the poorest province of South Africa to bring computer labs and literacy programs to local public schools. Cultural Embrace's H.U.G. (Help Understand Give) Projects serve as our corporate commitment to empower people in disadvantaged communities. We are dedicated to the development and support of small communities around the world; providing financial, emotional, and logistical support to local non-profits and causes. We have selected a local non-profit in the under-served communities of South Africa and are focusing our efforts to improve their living conditions in five key areas: 1) Education, 2) Diversity & Leadership, 3) Environmental Conservation & Awareness, 4) Healthy & Balanced Living, 5) Creativity. For more information: http://www.culturalembrace.com/9608642_24622.htm Contact Cultural Embrace to learn how groups and individuals can participate in our H.U.G. South Africa program. (512) 469-9089 info@culturalembrace.com