Few South Africans realise that the Vaal River - the lifeblood of the country's industrial heartland - is unique in being the only major river that flows through an asteroid impact crater: and it is the largest such crater at that. The Vaal is also one of the oldest rivers on earth. The Vredefort Dome is the biggest and oldest astrobleme or "star scar" on our planet. Certainly the ancestral rivers that flowed here make the Witwatersrand basin the oldest of all. Malcolm and Peta Anne Basford decided to do a Dome Tour followed by rafting on the Vaal and had a thoroughly interesting and exciting time. This short "trailer" is the record of their weekend (a fuller production is available on order). Rafting the Dome River is an education and an adventure! - Graeme Addison, The "River Professor" at Otters' Haunt, Parys. impact@vdome.co.za +27 84 245 2490 (mobile).