Walking with Lions by VideoMaker.co.za

We at Mahala View wish to bring the majesty and regality of lions to the public. In our quest for quality, we have found some truly amazing and extreme behaviour from our lions and wish to share this with our clients through the lion talks. Working with these creatures has given us a wonderful view into their world as well as new perspective into ours. We have learned that anything is possible through the word of God and walking with lions has proved this belief. Visit Mahala View Lodge just north of Pretoria. VideoMaker. Our purpose for the lion talks is to educate the public and to show them the wonder of nature, as well as the exceptionality of lions. The talk starts on our open deck with the surrounding valley and mountain view. Here we give you the theories and facts about lions while enjoying some refreshments. Then we move down to the camps where the lion man exposes these facts and theories by demonstrating them practically while the lions are being fed. Rambo - He is the male Barbary lion and is the proud protector of his family. This lion is cunning and clever, sending out a mighty roar every night to warn competitors to stay away. Katryn - The alpha female always lies separately from the pride, watching for signs of danger and hunting possibilities. She rules this family with a specialized organ in her mouth, as well as a superior intelligence. Nakita - The beta female, as well as our Cape lion representative. See the difference in size and anatomy between these two individual races. Sponsored by VideoMaker