Walking With Roots Transkei Wild Coast.f4v

Roots: +29 73 544 7874 or Mail me: jacblancband@gmail.com The best way to see the Wild Coast (Transkei) South Africa, is by doing a guided Walk. I met a local guide, Roots and did a 60 km walk from Mdumbi beach to Port st.Johns. The scenery is unforgettable. The walk should be a 3 day walk. Accomodation along the route, and a sufficient African Taxi connection service that takes you back all the way to Mdumbi beach or Coffee bay. We got stuck in rain, i left my video camera outside a shop, and got it back 2 hours later. Roots managed to save the day and convince me to go back, and see how lucky we were. His English is sufficient, and i felt very safe with him. He was very helpfull, and i could not have asked for a better guide or experience. I did the walk just to see the scenery, and i can highly recommend it... even if you are travelling solo. Having Roots there would just cross the language barrier, and return something back to the people. Roots is an entrepreneur and gardener, and i can highly recommend a walk with Roots!! We were both in a rush to get back to Mdumbi, so did the walk in 2 days, but missed the last taxi's, and ended up staying at a random local's house. But i suggest staying over in Port st. Johns before taking taxi's back. Do it!