You're wet anyway when you run the rapids, but we're not used to cold, wet weather in summer in South Africa. January 3 turned out to be a day of patchy rain with some heavy falls. We paddled on, rain or shine. The currents were strong and fast, with fallen trees all around, a challenge to paddlers of 2-seater Croc inflatables. With the Vaal at 80 cumecs and rising fast, there were few rocks in sight. By the end of the trip Kathy Sharp's group looked like wet - but happy - river rats. Lunch at Gatsien was washed out, and the group headed for the pub to warm up. We're spoilt, of course: most other places in the world, rainy days on rivers are to be expected. Sunny South Africa really does deserve its name, usually! - Graeme yeeha@riverman.co.za +27 56 8181814.