WET & WILD NEW YEAR – big file

This was a trip to remember for visitors from afar - Washington US and Tunisia. Young Jon Osler, who is a keen adventurer, learnt that the Vaal has teeth when he and Karen Addison took a swim in Theatre - right through the biggie, Gatsien (See-Your-Ass). Jon is welcome back anytime to come kayaking, mountain biking and generally enjoy the life of adventure in the Vredefort Dome. The Vaal River is gigantic right now at a 450cumec level after sustained rains, with more to come. Jon Osler senior and wife Jody had a scary but successful ride. Meanwhile, Trevor, daughter Tamary and son Kyle, South Africans who live in Tunisa, decided to spend the last of their holidays whitewater rafting - not many big rivers near Tunis! They all joined raftmaster Eddison on Big Bertha while Graeme filmed from within the boat, getting some exciting footage. Come again, and join us for an Orange River 4-day camping/rafting safari when the Kalahari is a bit cooler in winter. - Graeme, The Riverman 084 245 2490 yeeha@riverman.co.za