Wild 5, Oribi Gorge, Big Swing, South Africa, 2008

This is our 1st Youtube video taken during our 2008 vacation to South Africa. Enjoy! - This footage was taken whilst doing the Infamous Wild 5 Oribi Gorge swing, the highest commercial swing in the world at 100m freefall and 160m total hight. The swing is located just north of Margate in Kwa-Zulu Natal, a south eastern province in South Africa. Wild 5 have a wide range of extreme activities, and shouldn't be confused with The Big Swing, which is located at Graskop in Mapumalanga (The Eastern Transvaal), South Africa. (We did both!) The Big Swing has a freefall of only 75m, but it's really intimidating to have to do it going backwards on tandem jumps! We hope you enjoy sharing in our adventure and feel free to leave any comments. Ps. Thanks to Youtube for showing us these places, so that we could plan our vacation around getting to them and experiencing them 1st hand!