Wild Spiritea’s Travelog: Nature’s Valley www.wildspiritlodge.co.za

Wild E Spiritea, our puppet-hero friend has been travelling the Garden Route of South Africa, and posting some footage from this amazen region. Here, Wild E has just jumped the World's highest commercial bungy jump : Bloukraans, and heads off to Nature's Valley to celebrate. Here he finds a backpacker lodge called Wild Spirit, where he sets up camp for a few days. in this travelog, Wild E shows us some of the animal friends he made at Wild Spirit Puppet: crafted in the DarkSide Caravan , made from one balance stone, prestick, spare yellow material and some bits and ends (plus a bottle opener) Puppet Manipulator: Oli Vollenweider Camera: angus joseph Edit and colour: angus joseph music: borrowed (from aaarjaydeetooo's DedWrinker album) Camera: small-pixel handheld job