World Cup = New Friends pt I

(Please watch in HD... or at least 480p if possible! - Will look better.) On 12 June, 2010 I made my way over to Parkway Parade (mall), but hung out at the beginning of Marine Parade Prominade for a while. After checking on my IPhone, I realized that the first World Cup match between South Africa and Mexico had begun. I wandered over to the the outside TV screen of a nearby restaurant. There I met some Bangadeshi guys. This video opens with introductions and ends with goodbyes of the evening. In Part II you'll hear my new friends' advice on romance, love and marriage. Oh yes, at about 1:30 we wandered toward the 24 hour Cold Storage grocery store (only to learn that it is closed. The next day I learned from fellow-teacher Kelley that a movie theatre is opening there. Great! We need one in our area...) But just before I got to the closed Cold Storage, we passed their construction site. That is where they stay, in whatever makeshift living situation provided for them. They went thru the construction entrance and disappeared after first one of them offering to accompany me. So even in Singapore, "perfection" has not yet occurred.