World Nomads Scholarship – Off The Beaten Track

Growing up in South Africa, with its wealth of natural beauty, there are certain places favoured by tourists. However, what we want to show is that off the beaten track, there are places that are untouched, undiscovered and more often than not have more to offer. We are studying journalism at Rhodes University. I, Tassyn, am in 3rd year specialising in T.V journalism. The experience I have has been the numerous film projects we produced this year. My partner, Rubert is in his 2nd year of journalistic studies and is hoping to be part of the television specialisation of 2013. Rubert has already gained experience in the field of film through assisting with previous films made this year. We both see travel film-making as the perfect means to visually share experiences with people who are not able to travel themselves. We are two such people, who have the ambition, the drive, the skill and ultimately the love of meeting people and telling their stories. Yet, only with an opportunity such as winning this scholarship will we be able to realise this dream. This will give us the means to delve into the essence of our subject matter and illustrate what makes travel so special.