World Record: 5 Continents Visited in 1 Day – Continentrun

Norwegian version here: Continentrun Gunnar Garfors from Norway and Adrian Butterworth from the UK successfully visited five countries on five continents in just one day: June 18th, using only scheduled transport. The preview video is now available in full HD, the full length documentary will be available with full cinematic coverage of the featured cities, later this year. The programme will include interviews with local people, 'off the beaten track' adventures and of course some late nights... The five continents that had a brief Norwegian-British encounter on June 18th were, in chronological order, Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and South America. The complete itinerary was as follows: Istanbul (SAW) - Casablanca (CMN) - 01:10-04:10 - Air Arabia 3O 2438 Casablanca (CMN) - Paris (CDG) - 07:35-11:35 - Air France AF 1697 Paris (CDG) - Punta Cana (PUJ) - 13:30-16:20 - Air France AF 3563 Punta Cana (PUJ) - Caracas (CCS) - 21:00-22:05 - GOL G3 7625 Video format: Full HD, 1080p. Please visit or for more information. Gunnar Garfors is originally a journalist, but now runs NMTV, a Norwegian mobile television company and IDAG, an international radio and TV organisation. He is 37 years old, has six brothers and sisters and comes from the village of Naustdal on the Norwegian West Coast. He lives in Oslo. Adelia Television is a television production company based in Bournemouth. It is run by Adrian Butterworth who has broad experience from various television broadcasters. The company has produced documentaries for the UK home office and corporate clients. Press photos for free use; For questions or inquiries; Please contact spokesman Øystein Garfors on / +47 41 53 06 03.