World’s Fastest Talking Woman talks with double amputee who rode around the world on a Harley!!!

David Barr -- At the age of 17 he began his military career with the Marines. He received 57 air medals while serving on a helicopter gunship in Vietnam. When he left the marines in 1972 he supported peace & stability in Isarael, Zimbabwe & South Africa. In 1981 a fateful landmine caused both his legs to be amputated. But he did not let that stop him. He not only returned to active duty, but decided to get his message across that "Nothing is Impossible". He took is 10 year old Harley Davidson, and did a solo 83,000 mile motorcycle ride around the world in the dead of winter! Most people with all their limbs wouldn't try that in the summer! ...but wait there's He did go on to break, two world records. He's written two books about his adventures: "Riding the Ice" and "Riding the Edge"