YouTube NextUp: See The WORLD With Me! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ PLEASE Click there and vote for my NextUp Entry! Give it a "THUMBS UP!" If I win this competition, it'll allow me to have the video series of my dreams come to life. I would be forever indebted to all of you for helping me out and getting the votes for me to create the project I've got in mind. ------------------------------------ This is my submission to the YouTube NextUp program. My idea is to use the grant money to fund and produce a travel show that brings viewers around the world with someone they know and can relate to. Thanks for watching. [lessthanthree] -------------------------------- Website ↔ Store ↔ Twitter ↔ YouTube ↔ Facebook ↔ DailyBooth ↔ Call or Text ↔ (508) 436-4246 -------------------------------- "ben hughes" ben hughes obviously obviouslybenhughes obviouslyben vlog "video blog" "ben hues" youtube nextup "next up" next up program grant partner partnership money 35000 thirty five thousand winner travel show channel islands caribbean beach fun sun sand surf weather africa asia australia antarctica europe north america south america beautiful weather experiences